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Here Are A Few Recent Succesess We'd Like To Share

Success Stories

Homemade Holiday Gifts with Holly! - December 12, 2016

Holly has been getting into the Christmas spirit lately! Holly and her recreational therapist, Sarah, recently created some beautiful homemade gifts. They made customized, handmade pillows, and Christmas candy sleighs! Holly said she plans to give these as gifts to her family members. Looks awesome, ladies!


Cooking with Frances and Carolyn - August 9, 2016

Top Chef needs to look for new contestants at Company Care Company. Frances and Carolyn have been blowing it out of the water with their developed cooking skills and creativity.

Frances and Carolyn both made a delicious zucchini bread that made everyone melt on the spot. Frances went out of her way and also made a cherry cobbler.  “It tasted great and she was so proud of herself! Her mom was also excited!”  Annette said. 

Someone call Food Network because at the rate these girls are making food, they will need their own channel!



Jon Goes to Cedar Point! - August 5, 2016

This summer has been very exciting for Jon. One of the most exciting things for him has been a trip to Cedar Point with James and his mom and dad! This was only Jon’s second time going to Cedar Point so he was (obviously) super excited! Since the family wanted a wild weekend, they chose to ride all the thrill rides at Cedar Point, including two of Cedar Point’s craziest rides, the Valravn and the Gatekeeper.

Valravn is the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in the world. The second most terrifying roller coaster is the Gatekeeper. It has the most 180 degree turns and twists in the whole world! Jon was having the time of his life riding the world’s longest and fastest roller coasters in the world! Living the extreme lifestyle can be tough, but Jon makes the best out of it and makes the coaster seem like nothing!


Ed Enjoys a Day at the Beach! - July 29, 2016

Ed once again surprised us at last week’s iPassport Boat Launch and Beach Party. With a little help from his friends, Ed was able to get in the water at Saxony Lake. Jamie and Marty helped Ed walk to the water where he was able to sit down in the lake, cool off and enjoy the water! “He’s always surprising us,” said Marty, “There’s nothing Ed won’t try.” After relaxing in the water, Ed decided he was ready for the next adventure – going for a ride in the S.S. Sally!

Ed went out on a boat ride in the newly-finished family rowboat that iPassport built! With Marty in the stern of the boat rowing, Ed and Jamie sat in the bow. Ed was all smiles as he rode in the S.S. Sally! He loved getting out on the water and enjoying the cool lake breeze. Way to go, Ed!


Zack Goes to Gadget Camp! - July 7, 2016

Last week, Zack attended Easter Seal’s annual Gadget Camp at Butler University! Zack’s cousin Hershel was able to attend the camp with him every day so that made the experience even more fun. The pair had an amazing time doing different camp activities such as painting, fishing, going on nature walks, learning about animals, and more!

Gadget Camp is organized and hosted by the INDATA Project. Gadget Camp works to provide a social and educational setting for young adults with disabilities who use augmentative and alternative communication devices or other types of assistive technology.

When asked, Zack said every day at camp was his favorite! Hershel said that some of Zack’s favorite activities were fishing and watching Mike the magician. He also really enjoyed singing camp songs and participating in the group water fight.

“Zack has definitely become more outgoing and is more open to new activities due to being introduced to them at camp,” said Hershel, “Gadget Camp is an awesome time that Zack looks forward to every year.” We’re so glad you had an awesome time at camp, Zack!


Matt Learns to Cook! - June 30, 2016

Matt went to CCC’s annual camping trip this past weekend to Brown County State Park. After an adventurous morning of hiking and sight-seeing, everyone went back to the campsite where Matt vocalized his newfound hobby of cooking! It was then that he brought his new talent to our campsite.

Matt helped Jesse and Chris season burgers for dinner, make baked beans over the fire, and of course some s’mores for dessert! Helping out with the cooking made Matt realize a new way to make a delicious meal. Way to go, Matt, we’re glad you’ve found a new hobby!


Erik Takes Home the Gold! - June 21, 2016

Erik has been bowling with Special Olympics since he was just 8 years old! He has been bowling ever since- making it a total of 27 years. Not only does he love bowling but he is passionate about his other Special Olympics sports including softball, skiing, gymnastics, basketball, and cycling. Erik’s favorite sport is bowling, mainly because he loves getting strikes!

After participating in the Special Olympics Bowling Tournament in Bloomington on June 10th, Erik qualified to the finals by bowling a 120! Having a taste of winning in the tournament gave him the strength it took to take home the gold in the final round. Erik will, without a doubt, be continuing his great success as a Special Olympics athlete! Keep up the awesome work, Erik!


Frances Works on Her Cooking Skill - June 17, 2016

Frances has been doing an amazing job working on her cooking goal! She has been doing this by researching recipes and then following them with staff!

Frances has successfully made several dishes including chicken and dumplings and chocolate cheesecake! Awesome work, Frances, we are so proud of you!


Anastasia Gets Her Driver's Permit - June 3, 2016

Anastasia has worked hard for months now to receive her driver’s permit. This past weekend she passed her tests and received her permit! Anastasia is super excited about this new adventure in her life.

Jainesha, who works with Anastasia, has been a big help as well. Jainesha has helped Anastasia with her reading and programming and has been very encouraging throughout the whole process.

We are not only extremely proud of Anastasia for receiving her permit, but also thankful that Jainesha is so caring and organized! Congratulations!


Kellen & Angela Take a Road Trip - May 18, 2016

This weekend Kellen, Angela and their staff took a fun road trip to the Grissom Air Reserve Base! Kellen has been planning this trip with her staff for a few weeks and she did an awesome job of practicing patience during the process

The Grissom Air Reserve Base is located about an hour north of Indianapolis. It was originally established in 1942 as the Naval Air Station Bunker Hill and as an active Air Force installation from 1954 to 1994. Now it is used as a civil airport and military base. Kellen and Angela had a great time exploring the base and made some memories they’ll never forget! What an awesome trip!


Jon Tries Something New! - April 5, 2016

Normally Jon hates putting anything on his face, but he has recently found something he enjoys… Jon really loves his new virtual reality gear headset! When Jon puts his new headset on he is transported from his couch to amazing new places!

Jon uses his virtual reality gear headset for everything from playing video games to watching movies and much more! We are so proud of Jon for trying something new and finding a new hobby he loves! Way to go!


Krystal Avoids Sodas to Work on Her Fitness Goals! - April 1, 2016

Krystal has been working really hard on losing weight! She has been doing this through diet and exercise. One thing that has been really hard for her to give up has been soda.

Krystal has not had any soda in the last 7 days, she has only drank water. Way to go Krystal, keep it up! We are all rooting for you on your journey to a healthier YOU!


Jacob, Tony & Brandon Check Out a Musical! - March 28, 2016

Last week, Brandon Julian took Jacob Wantz and Tony Perry to see the musical, Avenue Q! Avenue Q is a wildly funny musical that follows a recent college graduate and his friends who live in a New York apartment all the way out on Avenue Q. The trio went to Footlite Musicals to check out the show.

Both Jacob and Tony had an awesome time getting out into the community and watching the hilarious musical! Way to broaden your horizons and trying something new!


Jerri is named Employee of the Month! - January 11, 2016

Congratulations to Jerri Smith for being named the Employee of the Month at the Stones Crossing Goodwill store! Jerri recently started working at Goodwill around three months ago.

Jerri works one day a week on Thursdays as a sales associate and she really likes it! Congratulations on the award, Jerri, keep up the great work!!


Paula Performs in 'The Christmas Story' - December 22, 2015

Paula Cope recently performed “The Christmas Story” on December 15, 2015! She performed with The Friendship Players (The Friendship Bible Class) of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Speedway.

Paula had the very important role of playing the Angel Gabriel, who announced to Mary that she would have a child who would be named Jesus! What an awesome achievement, Paula, keep up the awesome work!!


Nicki Attends the Yuletide Celebration - December 17, 2015

On December 11th, Nicole Brunkow attended the IPL Yuletide Celebration with her music therapist! She was particularly excited for the event because she was going to see her favorite musical artist, Sandi Patty, who hosted the show!

Nicki was very excited about being responsible for picking out her outfit and for being in charge of the tickets. Way to go, Nicki! We’re so glad you had a fun evening!


Weight Loss with Luke Weaver - December 8, 2015

Luke Weaver has been with Companion Care Company for around four months but in that short time he has accomplished a huge success. Luke is proud to have lost 70 pounds! He has been able to lose this weight simply with a special diet, portion control, and extra exercise such as walking and running outside!

Luke said he wanted to lose weight because he has always been a bigger guy and wanted to know how he would feel as a skinner person. He has been working to lose weight for around three months and is planning on continuing with his new healthy lifestyle to reach his goal weight! Congratulations, Luke, keep up the awesome work!


Frances Wins a Special Olympics Medal - November 6, 2015

A while ago, Frances Holsinger won her first Special Olympics Volleyball medal! She was awarded the medal for her good sportsmanship and helping win numerous games with her teammates!

Frances has plans to become more active and involved in sports in Special Olympics to make sure she keeps the medals coming! Way to go, Frances!


Community Success with Andrew Jorgensen - November 6, 2015

Andrew Jorgensen has made improvements in his listening skills and following directions out in the community with his recreational therapist. Andrew has been following directions the first time he is given them and only needed minimal prompts about how to act appropriately in the community.

One way Andrew has been improving his skills is when he went to a Special Olympics activity at Franklin College with his rec therapist. While there, Andrew had to follow their directions and was able to learn several different sports and play with athletes from Franklin College in the process!

In addition, Andrew got a job recently! He works on Saturdays and has gotten great feedback from his boss!

We are so proud of your successes, keep up the great work, Andrew!


Rachel Shows Her Creativity and Art Talent - November 5, 2015

Rachel Henthorne has been drawing ever since she can remember. She started drawing because she thought it was fun and it was something she enjoyed doing. After a while, she realized she had a talent for art and started creating realistic portraits of her family members.

Rachel enjoys drawing because it is like her diary; it helps her communicate her feelings and interests. She said she is drawing out her fantasies and desires.

Just last year, Rachel started selling her artwork. She is currently writing a book and completing the drawings for it. Rachel says her favorite thing to draw is the circus and anything that is “worthy of a Tim Burton film.” In addition, Rachel spends time drawing out her dreams and eventually would like to make them into short films.

“My art doesn’t stop on paper,” Rachel said, “It also goes onto people.” She is talking about hair and makeup, of course. With her creativity and art talent, Rachel eventually wants to become a makeup artist.


Alexis Succeeds in New Dance Class - November 4, 2015

Alexis Bellamy has been taking a dance class with the nonprofit organization, Kids Dance Outreach. The special thing about this dance class is that only children with Down syndrome are in the class! All the children work together and encourage each other to do the moves as best as they can. Alexis loves to dance and is really enjoying the class! Her mom said that she has been learning the routines quickly.

In addition, the dance class was recently featured in the Indy Star. Below is an excerpt from the article. Click here to read the entire article.

“They’ve learned their dance routines so fast,” Gale Bellamy, another parent,told me. “They really connect with the teachers.”

Her 14-year-old daughter Alexis bounced in her seat before class as she told me in short sentences about her love of the dance show “Bring It.” Born with a heart defect, she is outgoing and, her mom said, “pretty healthy.” She smiles a lot and loves to dance. Her mom said the program is a treasure for families seeking to give their children the experiences so many others have.

Keep up the awesome work, Alexis! We are all so proud of you!



Amy Loves Animals - December 26, 2014

Amy spends every Friday at the Humane Society during her recreational therapy session. Amy does a great job interacting with the animals. She is always smiling and laughing while there. She told her therapist “I love animals and they love me” while holding an adorable kitten. Great job Amy!



Frances is a Winner - December 24, 2014

Congratulations to Frances for placing 2nd in Special Olympic Bowling! Great job Frances; that’s absolutely amazing!



Holly Makes Bracelets - December 23, 2014

Holly has been working on making bracelets to improve her fine motor skills. It was her goal to make bracelets for all the children in her family and with minimal assistance she was able to do so. Congratulations Holly! They look beautiful.


Loretta Visits Santa - December 23, 2014

While out in the community with staff, Loretta stopped at Ann’s Restaurant and was surprised with a visit from Santa. Happy Holidays Loretta; hope your holiday wishes come true!



Gunner Checks the Mail - December 23, 2014

Gunner is doing an excellent job displaying responsibility. During a recent walk around the block with staff, Gunner was able to check the mail at iPassport with no prompting. Great job Gunner, we’re all so proud of you!