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Ensuring Our Clients Receive the Best Care Possible

Health Services

Our Health Services are designed to give our clients the best care possible and give their families peace of mind in knowing that their loved ones are well taken care of.  Our comprehensive coverage oversees clients’ medication administration, develops a unique wellness coordination plan, and manages their finances to ensure their success.


Medical Administration
Program Benefits

1. Maintain the client’s independence
2. Increased compliance by delivering pre-packaged medication previously set up
3. Provide peace of mind to the client’s family as well as to the caregiver
4. Superior packaging at no cost

When working with our clients, one of our main areas of concern is always the administration of medication. In order to minimize the risk of medication errors, Companion Care utilizes ATC Medication Packaging Services (from Young at Heart) to deliver prepackaged medication to our clients. This unique solution places all medications which are to be administered at the same time in one package. This simple solution helps in maintaining client independence, increases medication compliance, and serves as peace of mind that all clients are receiving their proper medication.

All of our Direct Support Professionals are required to complete a Medication Administration course facilitated by our on staff RN. The course covers:
 Administering medications at the appropriate dates and times
 Medication administration documentation
 Recognizing adverse reactions or side effects from medications
 Recognizing  and reporting errors
Our Quality Assurance Team works alongside our Nurse to strategize to improve our medication administration process and educate our all our support professionals. These educational strategies aim to improve medication safety and avert unnecessary medication errors.

Download Our Medical Administration Brochure
Wellness Coordination
Program Benefits
1. Wellness Coordination Plans developed for each client
2. Direct Support Staff are trained to ensure Risk Plan implementation
3. Individual consultations with health care providers
4. Complete face to face consultations with each individual as described in their support plan
5. RN full involvement with the IST members
6. RN full involvement with the IST members

Our Wellness Coordination Services develop, maintain and monitor our clients Wellness Coordination Plan as well as the medical services required to manage their healthcare. This service extends beyond the services provided through routine doctor/health care visits required under the Medicaid State Plan, and is specifically designed with assistance of an RN/LPN to properly coordinate your medical needs. There is no cost to you and will not effect any current services you are receiving.

Individual Wellness Coordination Plan
Companion Care Company’s nurse, Kelsey Jeffs, RN, will complete the following for you when you participate in the Wellness Coordination Service.
1. Complete the State Risk Mitigation tool
2. Develop, oversee and maintain the Wellness Coordination Plan for each client
3. Train Direct Support Staff to ensure Risk Plan implementation
4. Consult with the individuals health care providers
5. Complete face to face consultations with each individual as described in their support plan
6. Consult with the individual support team
7. Participate in the clients annual team meetings to report on the individual’s Wellness Coordination Plan as it relates to the services listed in the ISP.
Wellness Tier I

Health care needs require at least weekly* consultation/review with the RN/LPN including face to face meetings once per month.

Wellness Tier II

Health care needs require at least weekly consultation/review with the RN/LPN including face to face meetings twice monthly.

Wellness Tier III

Health care needs require at least twice weekly consultation/review with the RN/LPN including face to face meetings once per week.

**Weekly – A calendar week (Saturday-Sunday)

Download Our Wellness Coordination Brochure
Financial Management
Program Benefits

1. Ensures bills are paid on time
2. Weekly spending money is easily monitored
3. Finances are handled by individuals trained specifically for financial management
4. Simplified process for the client
5. Financial reports completed by the 5th of each month

The recording and management of client finances requires specialized skills. This is why we have taken the job of client Financial Management and given it to the individuals who have received extensive training in this area.  This ensures that the client receives their weekly spending money correctly and also that their bills are paid on time. Everyone needs financial skills to make smart decisions about money. For a person with a disability, there are some additional things you need to know to be sure you can get what you need to live independently.

– Developing a livable budget that includes a plan for spending and saving
– Learning how to save without losing your government benefits
– Deciding where to keep your money; the bank of your choice, a trust account, etc.
– You understand how and where you spend your money
The ability to get control of one’s financial future for today and tomorrow creates financial confidence for our clients!

Download Our Financial Management Brochure