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Story and photos by: Marisa Hempfling

Video by: Chris Wakefield


The first Dungarvin Science Fair was a huge success! We would like to say thank you to all of the groups that entered projects into the science fair; we couldn’t have made it such a success without you. The Dungarvin Science Fair was held this past Wednesday, April 12th at the Indianapolis World Sports Park. The excitement in the air was buzzing as guests were examining, listening, and learning about all the unique science projects. “Oohs!” and “Ahhs!” were audible around the room as the groups put on their presentations for each guest. Each guest received two voting tokens and were able to vote for whichever two science experiments they enjoyed the most. The guests learned about exciting topics like non-Newtonian materials, how to make a crystal gardens, and much more! Check out more photos from the activity below:

Mykaela presents her Rainbow science experiment.

The colors ran off of the candy and spiraled into the middle creating a unique rainbow.

Dennis, Sarah, and Janelle worked on creating a Crystal Garden out of minerals. The group came all the way down from the Crown Point Day Center.

The Crystal Garden.

The group put together a display board with interesting facts about the project.

Colleen, Danielle, and Sarah pose by their science project. The group created a non-Newtonian material, which is a liquid but turns into a solid when pressure is applied.

Colleen and her staff explain how a non-Newtonian material works to a group of guests.

Amy, Kristin, and Corinne joined forces as The Bottle Busters. The group used vinegar and baking soda to inflate balloons and create stress balls.

Winston, Randall, Kimmils, and Megan pose with their science fair project. The group traveled down from the Highland Day Center to attend the science fair.

Trey, Justin, Brooklyn, Chris, and Matthew pose with their science project. The group used yeast, dish soap, and vinegar to create a elephant toothpaste! The group rightfully named themselves The Orally Hygienic Elephants.

Guests watch on as Justin explains the next step in creating elephant toothpaste.


Matthew, Joanna, and Mykaela watch the elephant toothpaste experiment unfold.

Matthew poses with the Dungarvin Science Fair trophy.

Colleen watches with amazement and joy as the elephant toothpaste foamed up and out of the vase, filling the surrounding container.

Megan and Winston have fun learning about the non-Newtonian material in the bowl. The material is both a liquid and a solid.

Mykaela placed fourth with her rainbow experiment. Mykaela won some Indianapolis Indians fan gear and tickets to an upcoming game.

Dennis, Sarah and Janelle, won third place with their Crystal Garden experiment! The group received multiple giftcards for their win.

The Bottle Busters placed second with their experiment. The group won Pacers tickets and gear for the games.

The champions of the first Dungarvin Science Fair are Chris, Trey and Brooklyn, The Orally Hygienic Elephants. The champion group won an annual family pass to the Indianapolis Zoo and the Dungarvin Science Fair trophy!

The group poses with their trophy.

A big thank you to everyone for making some truly awesome science experiments!


Check out our video recap of the Dungarvin Indiana Science Fair.