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Story and photos by: Marisa Hempfling

*Featured photo from Briar Ridge Country Club Facebook page.

Hard-working, respectful, and dedicated; these are three of the many qualities Brian has that help to make him a wonderful employee. Which is why he was recently named the Employee of the Month at the Briar Ridge Country Club, where he works. Brian has worked as a Busser at the Briar Ridge Country Club for 12 years! While he has been nominated for the award before, this is Brian’s first time being named Employee of the Month, so he was extremely excited.

While working at the country club, Brian fulfills several responsibilities. He spends his shifts cleaning the dining room, setting up dining tables for events, helping guests, and other duties. Brian said his favorite part of work is talking to the guests and that he can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything and everything! Brian is so efficient at his job that his supervisor, Jodi, frequently says she wishes she had 10 of him.

Brian was very excited, proud, and humble when he learned of his Employee of the Month award. It is clear that Brian truly cares about his job and always does his best when at work.

Brian always goes above and beyond at work by staying late to help out, never calling off, and always fulfilling his work duties. Brian’s stellar work ethic gives his job coach, Brenna, a very easy job. Brenna and Brian have worked together for more than a year. When asked about working with Brenna, Brian said, “She’s very good! She watches me while I do my job. I talk to her while I do my job. She’s real good.”

One thing that Brian loves about the job is the money. He appreciates the value of his paycheck and works hard to earn it. Brian is very dedicated when it comes to saving as well, and always puts part of his paycheck away in a savings account. This job has taught Brian the importance of hard work and how to save for the future.

“I constantly get compliments about Brian from both his coworkers and supervisors.” Brenna said, “And he’s extremely pleasant to work with.”